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Financial Domination Mistess Candace

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What type of PayPet, PayPiggy, Human ATM, Spoiler, SugarDaddy or MoneySlave will you be?

PayPets: Usually a wealthy male with a healthy self-esteem who enjoys a woman other than his wife spending his money.  Our relationship and your devotion to me will be exclusive.  You are mine and your cock and money are tied to your relentless need to please me. eg: See “Bill”

PayPiggys: Yes, I said plural.  Your entire income and life are revolved around giving beautiful or not so beautiful confident, sometimes mean, always superior females your money.  Yes, Piggy you can become my one and only…when you desire your servitude be richly rewarded by my attention.  Some Piggys enjoy the humiliation aspect of financial domination, and this FinDom Mistress dishes it out.

Human ATM’s: You’re nothing more than a cash machine for me to use.  I need money, I send you a request and you acquiesce.  That is, you give to your Mistress Candace whether or not you can afford it.  I want cash for a trip, an electronic or fuck you, for nothing at all!  You give it to me.

Spoiler: A man who just gets a sexual or psychological thrill from sending money, gifts, e-cards a woman.  Maybe you linger in the shadows…and you never even write me or call or text me or skype with me; or ask anything in return.  It’s just your pleasure to bring me pleasure.  🙂

Sugar Daddy: This is a relationship that has been convuluted over the decades.  I have been a traditional Mistress to a few wealthy sugar daddies and I have learned that many married men enjoy a cyber Mistress without the traditional exchange of in-person intimacy.  These days, I am only interested in cyber sugar daddies and those who can handle my dominant, independent spirit. See “Bill” he was a sugar daddy of sorts…we enjoyed discourse non-sexually related and those times when his cock and balls were mine to manage.

Money Slave-Adopt my bills, become a regular contributor to my life, get put on a budget while I execute your income to my liking and my benefit.  Get a to-do list where your responsibility is to give and follow my commands.  This type of relationship requires a contract.

How will Mistress Candace take your money?

Wallet Rape-what ever you keep in your wallet at the time you find me is what you will give me.  Pay day? That goes to me!  Stay home, eat ramen, pay your bills but the rest? Goes to me!

Hypno Domme-having a hard time understanding that women are seductive enough to use you?  Resistant to my taking hundreds of dollars in a short time span?  Need an excuse for your findom fetish? My Hypnotherapy for Financial domination addiction could release you of that guilt.

Rinsing-Taking as much as possible in on session. So your take home pay $1700 this week.  You make good money routinely.  You have savings, investments, and your future is secure.  But, that $1700 is burning a hole in your pocket.  I will rinse it PayPet.  Mistress Candace will take it bit by bit, you will pay me all of your hard earned cash this week.

Budgets-maybe you just need discipline.  Let’s get you on a payment plan to Mistress.  You could be put on a budget for your servitude and pay Mistress weekly.  You will enjoy our Friday meetings/givings where you come home and pay Mistess Candace that pledge of devotion.  We will discuss your budget in full when you send your first devotion. Here.

Adopt my bills-Repetitive Financial Domination reminder.  Pay my electric bill, rent, dining bills, lease a car for me, massage bill, clothing, what better way to say, I’m Candace’s PayPig?

Human ATM-always available for Mistress Candace.  I simply send a request to you through GoogleWallet, SquareCash or email and as my PayPig=you send Mistress your money.

paypet paypig human atm findom


No better way to start the day then by DAILY DEVOTION.

Listen in…follow directions my pet.



FinDom Mistress Candace

Mistress Candace does Financial Domination, here are my likes and dislikes findom mistress

This is a comprehensive list for cash slaves, wallet rape, piggys, rinsing for findom subs…

  • I love rinsing (taking as much as possible in one session, (wrecking your credit limit)
  • I love taking your money by demanding your tributes via #NiteFlirt #Giftrocket #Cash #GPay #CirclePay (for those outside the US) no excuses!  Please get one of these applications on your phone or PC. You will remain anonymous because all I see is your email or nothing at all with GiftRocket.
  • I love Raise the Rate on #NiteFlirt-I love denying you the ability enjoy yourself fully until I’ve demanded your money! I’ll get you so addicted and blue-balled, then I’ll raise my per minute rate higher and higher until you explode!
  • I love dominating you on cam while you do as Mistress Candace demands. You will pay upfront for a session (find payment on my website above) or you will send GiftRocket gifts, or NiteFlirt tributes during the session (or any other app)
  • I love getting gift cards and cash for emails from Mistress to her Cash Slaves
  • Sometimes, I love gift cards sent via email (you remain anonymous)
  • All gift cards on my site require you fill out personal information FOR THEIR RECORDS not mine, and I will not see your personal information.


  • I do not COMMUNICATE with subs for any reason without payment.  #SPOILME or when you expect my time…send #cash, giftrocket gifts or NiteFlirt tributes.
  • You pay for my attention, time and communication or you don’t get it!
  • I do not hand-hold. This is not a replacement for your wife or love life!
  • I do not use TEAMVIEWER it is committing fraud and is illegal to go into anyone’s bank accounts
  • I do not use PayPal, anyone who does for adult fun is an amateur!
  • I do not enjoy harsh verbal humilation-It is exhausting and not my style. I want you from Alpha daily, making green for me, to BETA when you pay to play. I am expensive.
  • I do not meet anyone in person no matter how much you spend!
  • I do not do BLACKMAIL, it is silly to try over the phone (after all, you still hold the power) and it is illegal
  • I do not talk about or use any form of bodily fluids (other than spunk) to dominate you
  • I reserve the right not to show my face on cam and I do not get nude or show off my body for your pleasure, it is my body for MY PLEASURE!
  • Although, I completely understand the FinDom Cuckold scene, I do not share my lovers or my personal life with you.


  1. Travel more…go to Scotland this fall
  2. Buy (or you buy me) a new SUV 
  3. Move to the Pacific Northwest-you rent that executive home for up to 6 months (for me)
  4. Invest more $$$$
  5. Become more wealthy than I could ever have imagined!!!

New to Financial Domination


As my interest is amplifying, so is my desire to transform some of my NiteFlirt customers into PayPets.
Are you new to me? Have I introduced you to a new stimulant? FINANCIAL DOMINATION.
This is what you should know before we go further. About MISTRESS CANDACE @FinDomtakesit
1. I am not a mean or harsh dominant. I prefer intelligent teasing and intimate gentle handling of my pets.
2. It is about money. I am a “Mistress”, which as defined on my page incinuates an underlying personal touch to my dominance, it is by no means “seriously personal”. I am not here to replace your wife or partner. Nor am I looking for FinDom subs who require hand-holding or an exorbitant amount of my time and attention.
You aren’t my only Financial Subject.  You are not my only phone sex customer.

The only way to distinquish yourself is to PAY ME a lot of money with your attention.
3. If you are not into Financial Domination, and I have brought to light this interest of mine; and it’s not for you…that’s fine. Tell me. But, once you have, you are no longer anything but a customer.  It’s okay, I will take your money on NiteFlirt or by custom MP3’s anyway.  But, you have earned NOTHING to make yourself special.

What is FINANCIAL DOMINATION and what can it do for you?

     Let’s compare it to calling phone sex. You search for the right person with just the right amount of experience and who can offer what you are looking for. Tease n Denial, Teasing with a come countdown, Cock control, edging, Guided Masturbation Instruction or cuckolding…fetish play or an essentially sensually dominant woman.
You are paying for her control. You desire a woman who can effectively make you feel submissive.
Financial Domination is no different. I just combine the above mentioned topics (and many others) with a game or raise the rate, tribute to come, pay to play or basically I demand your hard earned cash.  In some fun cases, a findom sub wishes to perform or devote himself to me on cam by allowing me to control him and make him do Mistresses commands whether it be wear panties, kneel and bow etc….
IN essence, I am in control and you pay.
While financial domination isn’t for everyone, if you trust me, and give me your calls-paid emails or some type of communication-and get to know what I am like (sensually dominant, fun, nice but strict) then who knows…you too may become addicted to FinDom with Candace.

Cyber Mistress Benefits


What’s the benefit of NOT meeting a Mistress in person? Firstly, it’s the safetly aspect for us both.
The world is just too full of nuts/sinister men for me to put myself in harms’ way. Just think about it…how many news reports speak of a woman kidnapping, raping and holding men as prisoners?


Secondly, why would I when I can Skype with you, talk to you on the phone and otherwise communicate with you while continuing to be spoiled? I get that there are some websites and FinDom’s who think if a guy advertises as a FinDomSub that he is safe. I disagree. Can you say ‘stalker’?  One can obtain your license plate number right?
So, what are the benefits of not meeting you?


Other than what I mentioned is best for me as a woman; what is best for you as a man is two-fold. You can always back away when you want/need to without any personal information (or very little) being exchanged. The other benefit is that you can remain as a submissive man.
That means that if your Mistress of FinDom wants to humiliate you in public, to make you do something like kneeling in a restaurant or removing clothing etc…you don’t have to.

There are many benefits to a Cyber Mistress/D/s relationship. Safety for both parties being first.
Additionally, why are you seeking a relationship outside of your marriage or sig other?
You’re doing that because you got bored, because she no longer thrills you and because there is no longer a chase on your part.
Once you become personally involved with a Mistress, it is more likely that comfort and familiarity sets in and the D/s relationship dies.
I want you ENAMORED with me!
I want to remain that untouchable object of your affection and desire.
Don’t you like that feeling?  Playing with your cock for my entertainment and taking your money is fun!

You want me to use you and give you purpose….come on REPEAT THAT TO ME.  I want Candace to use me and give me purpose.  Okay, that felt good didn’t it?

I thought so.
Mistess Candace
Your Cyber Mistress

Chaste FinDom Subs

What man doesn’t want to be owned and to have his cock controlled by a sexy dominant woman? IS THAT YOU?


You know it’s you! My favorite subs are the ones who go weeks or months without masturbating or coming only to give me money for their chastity. No sex with the wife.

I do so enjoy controlling cocks for pay.

Most of all, I love taking your hard earned money for it while you moan and offer me more.  I know you go to work with blue-balls whilst awaiting my MP3 teasing and taunting you.
You sit down at a meeting and the fullness of your scrotum rubs against your boxers and as you sit, you wish you could roll your eyes because it feels so good! It makes you feel so close to me.


That is what I enjoy the most.  Greedy pleasures…feeling my own sexual satisfaction from denying yours. mmm
I go shopping, take the day off, turn down my newest phone sex training or listing design request because I don’t have to work with your funds showering in on me.  My pussy just swells from the excitement of ownin you.

Homewrecker FinDom


Why I don’t use these terms, Homewrecker, Ruination, and Loser and other terms that incinuate destruction and low self-worth.  Although, yes I know some of you truly enjoy being called a loser.
Maybe it’s my education and maturity or maybe it’s just my style but I don’t want to ruin you.

I want to take your money and dominate you for years!

Yes, I want to take more than you thought you would ever have me take. I am a greedy FinDom. I am demanding. I am self-involved.  I am entitled. I am jealous. And yes, I expect devotion by my cashslaves, paypets, paypiggys, sugar daddies and contract slaves.  But, what good would it serve me to ruin you or to be a homewrecker?

I WANT YOU ON A CONTINUAL FEED AND GREED REGIMENT.  I want you long term.  I want your cash as long as you can earn it, borrow it, and steal it.  I am going to keep you coming back for years.  I want your home life solid, well as solid as it can be with your financial domination fetish and yearning for my attention, my voice and my control. Yes, my pet, I want you on a semi-solid footing so that over time I have taken 10’s of thousands of dollars from you and your family.  One good FinDom rinsing my find you in debt for a little while, and you may find yourself staving off my influence until the debt is paid down.  But, you’ll be back.

As I see it, once a family or a man is ruined by a FinDom Mistress, he is no longer of use to her.

I think of it in terms as I have all of my businesses.  Advertise for a FinDom sub in a one time transaction and that’s all it is…one time.  Get a CashSlave, PayPet, Piggy, HumanATM, Findomsub paying for your lifestyle over and over again, and you paid one time for a long term cash slave.

If we find a connection, if you are mad about me, cannot live without being of use to me and of service to me and my style of financial domination-then you will be drained, rinsed, taken to the cleaners, used and toyed with and controlled for years to come.

Do you crave long term Financial Domination?

Good! Then I expect a phone call-I prefer you not cold call me but introduce yourself through emails with tribute.

Or, write me and send gifts of cash and ecards and connect with me via my contact form here.  If you wish to be dominated on cam by Mistress Candace, then fill out my slave contract with a fee and we will set up a mutually attractive time for us both.

Calls on NiteFlirt Here
Call Button

Or dial directly 800-863-5478 my ext:1130-2451

Contact Form Here

And, of course Twitter



Rinsing Pay Pets


You know the term. If you’re into financial domination or have a findom fetish at all, you know the term. Maybe, you haven’t been rinsed by a FINDOM MISTRESS but have thought about how exhilarating it would be. She softly demands your money, your paycheck or your savings; or the FinDom Mistress maxes out your platinum AMX. Rinsing you of what you have and making it hers.

Get Rinsed by Mistress Candace

Now the only thing left for you to do is call me, chat with me, send me tributes or email after sending a gift card to my email.  You need a demanding Mistress don’t you?  Having your cock twitch in the morning when you think about sending me a tribute for the day is the one thing in your life that makes you feel alive!

I’m your savings plan.  I am your employee.  I am your Mistress.  I am your Dominatrix.  I will own your wallet.

Now, my favorite (currently) PayPet, Michigan boy is getting rinsed this weekend.  I am the woman in his life.

Friday nights he comes home to send me money and chat with me on Skype until I say “I’m done”.

His time with Mistress is commensurate with his devotion to me.  That’s how this goes Piggy.  You want that too don’t you?  Are you single too?  I will be the one woman in your life who cares enough about you to be control your cock and decide when you get off for me. Now, cock ownership comes with cash and devotion to Mistress Candace.  Raping your wallet is my pleasure.

Do you want that?  Of course, you do…that’s why you are reading this.


Rinsing FinDom

findom money mistress


This weekend I had the best time rinsing a customer on NiteFlirt. My financial domination listing attracted him a few days before I began my seduction.  In one hour, I took $258 from him while he knelt nude and masturbated when given permission. Did I expose myself to him on cam? Nope. Did I talk dirty to him and talk about his cock? Nope.  Did we have a decent conversation and share some personal information? Yes.

Did we discuss real life topics, eg: politics and weather..yes.  Did I send nude photos or sexual pics of myself? Nope.  Did he ask? Yes.  Did that stop him from getting rinsed? No.  Did I use my influence and highly erotic voice? Oh, yes!

Some findom’s think a woman must objectify herself to be successful at financial domination.
I disagree. Think about it, if I am behaving sexually towards a man whose money I am intent on taking, it makes me no different than a whore.
Yes, I agree many FINDOMS use sexuality to entice findom slaves, cash slaves and piggys, but Mistress Candace does not. Yes, I just refered to myself in the third person, lol.

Does a FinDom Mistress use sex to rinse piggys?

Some do, yes,  Do I? Yes, but not by objectfying myself.  For example, as I was rinsing Mr. Michigan, I became highly sexually aroused.  My pussy began to moisten and my clitoris began to swell.  Every time he sent more money after I demanded it, by the way, while I was speaking with him at 2.99 pm…it made my nipples hard.

I loved using my soft sexy voice and my FINDOM style of intimacy through verbal seduction to take his money.  The first demand was easily relinquished because I charged him for access to me.  Then, subsequent to getting him on the phone…time and time again while charging him for our conversation, I sent many pay to view mails and payment requests.
findom financial domination mistess candace cash slaves

As the money in my account grew so did my clitoris.  Eventually, this lil piggy came to hear the one thing so many FINDOM’S and paypiggys (together) build their intoxicating climax to…”I’m done with you now”.

I came after taking all of his money (an agreed to budget) and after making him ejaculate for me and getting one more final payment request.  Then, I had no more need of him.

He was summarily dismissed.

I did not masturbate FOR HIM, I came because my own voice, my own power, my own ability to connect psychologically with him turned me on!  Will it happen when I take you?

Let’s see.

Sugar Daddy FinDom

sugar daddy findom mistress spoilmeOnce in a while a FinDom Mistess has the opportunity of finding, or being found by a very generous benefactor who doesn’t require his wallet being raped. He becomes totally infactuated with her voice, her smile, her curves, class and intellect…and the term #spoilme becomes his new addiction. Maybe, that’s you…your first chance to Pay Me, $20.

[accept_stripe_payment name=”Pay Mistress” price=”20″ button_text=”Buy Now” item_logo=””]

One such Sugar Daddy FinDom slave is “Bill”.
Bill came to me out of the blue after buying an MP3 on NiteFlirt. I then woke up to find a nice tribute in my account. Oh Billy! What a nice way to spoil Mistess Candace!


Well, after finally speaking with Bill we decided it was time for him to become my special PayPet and to serve Mistress fully.  You see Bill’s balls were constantly blue.  He was in a sexless marriage.  He just needed someone special who understood that his balls needed owned and controlled.  In return, Bill would simply give Mistress what she wanted, his cash.

After speaking with Bill several times and emailing regularly Bill found himself in my personal trust where I shared with him my P.O. Box.
Knowing Bill lived so far away from Mistess Candance, and knowing that he would be kicked in the balls if he came anywhere near me, we began is servitude.
Bill spoiled me with gifts of pretty specially purchased cards which he would write lovely devotions to Mistess. Oh, did I mention they were filled with CASH?
Yes, SpoilMe never meant more to me than when I saw Bill’s devotion and his cash.
My mailbox began to hold the most smile invoking, panty wetting power for me!

Do you have the balls to become my special sugardaddy, paypet and make my day?  

Bill still holds a special place in this Mistresses heart even though his time with me has come to an end due to personal circumstances. I believe there are always more Bills (and cash) out there for a classy and delicious mix of southern gentiltiy mixed with stern demanding intellect.  Are you a new Bill?  SpoilMe Now!

FinDom Chastity

This lil loser paid Mistress Candace $75 to Google Wallet, $50 on NiteFlirt and bought his first chastity device for that pitiful little prick. There is NO WAY “B” could have received my attention without paying me for it. Lovely.
I demanded he send me a pic of his tiny owned PayPiggy penis. After I saw it, I decided he should have no right to masturbate that lil weiner.  I put him chastity.

findom small penis humiliation financial domination cashslave paypig paypet

Small Penis PayPiggy

After all, he’s the only one who would touch it! I was also concerned he would get off on my power and control. Of course, he probably did at first. But, he won’t do that anymore, without my permission.
Need to have your tiny useless prick paid attention? I’m only doing it for pay paypig.