About Mistress Candace

I expect you to abide by my rules:

  1. Your needs and pleasure are not my problem
  2. I expect that if you contact Mistress, you have a FinDom Fetish
  3. I am not a whore for you to “get off” with, so don’t expect to see my tits and ass!
  4. If you are in the trap and I demand money, you fucking give it
  5. Put your submissive boy pants on before you contact me.


I work, so I don’t need your money! I expect it. This year, 2019, I expect 100k by years end.

I have been on Niteflirt for 11 yrs and I design websites, like this one and I also do some marketing consulting. I have held mulitple licenses, worked in law and real estate, sales and marketing for a major franchise and I am always looking to learn. I am short on patience and long on memory.

I am not a loud disciplinarian nor do I yell “loser” all the time! I find that wealthy men who enjoy a beautiful woman taking their money and teasing their cocks is quite aware of his status.

I expect to hear from you and start TAKING YOUR MONEY!