Rinsing PayPigs

This week has been quite busy on NiteFlirt with 2 new MAJOR PayPigs finding me. It’s always a crapshoot on NiteFlirt, you pay them for clicks to promote your listings but you have no idea whether anyone will come along and get rinsed. They did this week! One was into blackmail which I don’t do…but Mistress has to accommodate the pig didn’t I? So, I simply worked my FinDom majic and worked him slowly…pulling out information and rinsing him by raising the rate over and over. He was calling through the phone so he never really knew how high I would go until the computer told him. But, his cock got so hard when I took him to 5.99 per min. I won’t mention the amount, but let’s just say for the 1.29 I paid to get catch this piggy, it paid Mistress well. More please, he begged! Ha ha my fucking pleasure piggy! My other newest Cash Slave sent Mistress Candace tributes while confessing this submissive man tendencies. He is new to it, so as per my norm, I took him gently. I got to know this little piggy and discovered his daily alpha life is never far from his personality. That meant, he wasn’t going to easily led or humiliated. He was alpha but WANTED to give in. Normally, he would just watch women on cam from Romania chat online with him about strap-on play. He’d never done it and wasn’t sure he ever would. Until he met ME! I had him penatrating his anus with wife’s dildo and eventually this lil piggy confessed to liking discipline and spanking. I spanked his bank account! He spanked his ass!
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FinDom Puppies who come back

So sweet when my first FinDom Sub comes home to Mistress Candace.

This week two of my lil obediant puppies came back to Mistress Candace, the NiteFlirt ‘Money Mistress’.

I’m sure at some point all submissives move on, but one in particular was really missed and Mistress is so glad to see he wants to show his financial devotion to me again.  Losers always need someone new to reinforce their loser status.  I personally get very bored with FinDom humiliation. I prefer a more upscale type of relationship with my Cash Slaves, Worker Bees, Devotees et al.  Using my mind to bend yours to my will is so exciting!   As I say in my NiteFlirt profile, I will lie to you, seduce you, deny you or manipulate you to get your money and your devotion.  But, my favorite Financial Domination Sub is the one who comes on bended knee after adoring me, watching me, viewing my videos and photos and is already MINE. Using your cash to fulfill my dreams. Using your cock to assert my control over you. Using your cash to build an enormous fortune. Using your weakness against you. All of these things make me wet. Welcome back my lil puppies.  How much will Mistress Candace, the Money Mistress take this time?  
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Money Mistress New FinDom Lifestyle

Hello to my lil PayPets, PayPiggies, Sugar Daddies’ piggy banks, devotees, et al

I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks because I’ve changed my lifestyle a bit. I now travel the country (albeit the damned east side of it thus far) in a Class A motorcoach.  I’ve been learning so much and thus far cannot say, “I’m having fun yet”.  The fucking heat and humidity ruins everything!  I am expecting better weather in the next weeks as I travel west. But, this new lifestyle as a Sensual FinDom Mistress is expensive and I am expecting more than my share of new FinDom Slaves and Niteflirt tributes to accomodate me.  I know many FinDom Subs are stuck at home with wives and kids, 8 to 5 jobs and routine that is mind-numbing, so if you want to share vicariously through Mistress Candace’s new life, all you have to do is open your legs, and your wallet.

I will squeeze the best out of both of those things you love so much!

Be warned! I AM EXPENSIVE! No $2 tributes will be responded to by Mistress.  If I could, I’d throw it back in your face!  Cheap bastard.
You’re a loser for wanting Mistress to take your money and you know it!  Act like the proper FinDomSub and send your best to the best!

Here are your choices.

Niteflirt tributes www.niteflirt.com/executivestressrelief GPay sent to me directly by using phonejob4u@gmail dot com GiftRocket.com is anonymous and  you can send me tributes through same email as above. Or by sending to Candacetakesit@gmail dot com  
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FinDom favorites

I’m sure every FinDom Mistress has her fav’s as she begins taking men’s money.  I sure have my fav’s.  Are you ready to be my new favorite FinDom Sub?


It’s not the amount of funds I’ve extracted, although that’s sweet as hell; it’s the way he loves to spoil me!  I always want each of my findom subs to open up to Mistress Candace about your findom fetish and tell Mistress exactly what form of funds extraction gets you excited.  Each man has his own hot button!  His is simply to spoil Mistress and get my extraordinary voice and intellect and sensual domination to make him squeeze his balls, stretch them apart and eventually probe his ass for Mistress. Being a Money Mistress means that I am your sensually dominant Mistress who doesn’t simply put you down and humiliate you, I have other means of extraction.  For example: one of my Canadian subs wrote:FinDom Mistress Candace Money Mistress ExecutiveStressRelief NiteFlirt findom Intimately Personal FinDom Mistress Candace…yes, I’ve heard those other FinDomme’s saying things like, “you’re a loser, you’re weak and I am strong etc…and that’s true for the most part. But, Mistress Candace appreciates my Manhattan FinDom Sub isn’t like that.  He’s made a lot of money and earned his early retirement for a reason.  He didn’t get that way by being a loser!  He did it by being smart, hard-working and in control of his own destiny. What he really needs from Mistress is LOSS OF CONTROL and a chance to give to a woman who appreciates it.  After all, your wife knows your ins and outs and ups and downs, and she doesn’t want to grab you by the balls and make you feel weak and vulnerable. I do. Call Mistress now! Let’s begin your worship of Mistress and long term devotion to spoiling me. You’ll like it. Call Button
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Financial Domination Mistress

What is your worst nightmare?  Is it that you wake up to a text from your bank that ‘you’re overdrawn’?findom mistress candace money mistress That’s my wet dream!  Hearing you call me and say “Mistress, you did it, you took all I had to give” would probably make me cum.  I did that for you. I made you give me so much of your hard earned funds that you were ruined…at least until next pay day. Wink. Money Mistress Candace can and will ruin PayPigs. Oink your way into debt for me!

Money Mistress – FinDom Mistress Candace

With so many fake FinDom Subs on NiteFlirt-it’s time YOU begin your journey with me as your FinDom Mistress from this website and my contact form.  I will receive your email right away if it’s between waking hours.  I will return your contact providing your question or approach is accompanied by consideration.  GiftRocket.com  Amazon.com  Square  and GPay. Sometimes, maybe Amazon.com but if that’s all you can do because of the wifey, send away! All of these alternatives make it easy for you little Piggy to worship me and begin your FinDom Sub enslavement.  I will only respond to those who demonstrate a true understanding of a FinDom Mistress.  My time is expensive.  Getting my attention is a gift.  Mistress owning you and your stupid cock are a compliment. I have been in the adult FemDomme community for 11 yrs so if you expect to test me for trust, fuck off.


Every FinDom PayPig has his own needs. Many desire cock ownership for pay. My style is to approach you with the strength of domination you need at the time of contact.  I am not one of those women who constantly calls you Pig and Loser.  Although, you may be.  My vocabulary is broader than that and because of that broad vocabulary, Mistress Candace will approach your domination suitable to your desire to be financially dominated. Speaking with Mistress is easy.  Many of my lil PayPigs say, “you are a refreshing change Mistress from the average findom mistresses who demand cash in the first minute“.  I am.  I’d rather financially dominate you for MANY years to come rather than get as much as possible right away.  Your long term devotion to me is expected and will be quite enjoyable to you as well. I love married men who come to me with a moaning desire for total power exchange.  Your wife is constantly asking something of you and your boss is a dick so you crave the loss of control you always have to possess.  However, loss of that control needs to create a rush of excitement in you! That excitement comes with my highly sexual voice and beautiful face and curvy womanly body. Mistress Candace can and will dominate you on Skype or via phone or through MP3’s and emails. Either way you chose it, Mistress Candace is going to take that cash and squeeze your balls dry!  It’s just a money sac to me anyway. Call EXECUTIVESTRESSRELIEF for phone sex on Niteflirt.com      
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Tribute Mistress

Feeling like sending tributes to Money Mistress Candace?  Now, all you have to do is find what you want and click!  It goes to my NiteFlirt account, or you can use an APP like GPay, CirclePay (for outside the US) GiftRocket.com or Cash aka SquareCash. All info below. $200 tribute: $60 tribute: $20 tribute: $40 tribute: Cash Slave Contract:                                                            GIFTROCKET.COM CLICK HERE! GPay contact:Send to:Phonejob4u@gmail.com              CirclePay (Out of US) Candacetakesit@gmail.com Cash (SquareCash) send to: Phonejob4u@gmail.com   $Candyflirt 
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Once in a while a FinDom Mistess has the opportunity of finding or being found by a very generous benefactor who doesn’t require his wallet raped.  I have had the opportunity of one such generous fun, naughty Manhattan Sugar Daddy and I’d say I fucking liked it!  He found Mistress on NiteFlirt and suddenly and without communication started sending tributes to my account. Not only did he find his way into my bank account, but into my heart (just a little bit) by being so fucking generous, fun, sexy and upscale!  While I’ll never reveal the size of his generosity-I will say no one has surpassed his giving.  UPSCALE gentlemen are a huge turn-on for Mistress. Oh, there was an element of control over him and his cock and balls; especially his balls! But, to coin a phrase he created, it was a delightful combination of dominance and sweetness. I watched him on Skype whether he was in London or Manhattan, Texas or Bermuda and he tied his balls up for me until the became purple.  Metaphorically, it was the squeezing of his balls that squeezed his wallet right into my account on NiteFlirt.
While we have parted ways due to health issues on his part, we are still very important people to each other and continue a certain amount of connection. Sugar Daddies are the best part of FinDom. HePays is all about the concept that men will and should pay for a woman.  It’s not the old fashioned notion that women don’t work, it’s the new AGREEMENT that certain men are for working and certain women be paid for his enjoyment.    
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niteflirt mistress findom cash slaves bdsm femdomme femdom mature mistressAs I see it, once a family or a man is ruined by a FinDom Mistress he is no longer of use to her. My Greed feeds on your weakness for control.  That control is something you lack in your marriage.  Being a homewrecker makes you more needy of me and I despise needy men!  After all, as a married man seeking a FinDom-you’re doing so because of your marriage, family and job. You seek loss of control.

You’re expected to be in control all of the time as a family man, as an employee or as a father.

I want to exploit the part of you that needs a beautiful woman to control you.  Being my FinDom Sub is a priviledge and one you should pay for.  Tributes before you leave for work or daily deposits into my bank account make you feel that loss.  Loss of control is what you seek and loss of control is what I offer.

Long term Financial Domination with Money Mistress Candace

The longer you and I stay connected, the more money will be siphoned and the flow continue for ages!  I don’t care about the welfare of your family, honestly.  It’s my goal to get your money!  But, if you’re broke and alone it won’t be as fun for me.  I want you sneaking away from your wife or kids to call me.  I want you thinking of Mistress Candace while you’re laying next to her.

I love taking money from married men!!!

Married men love having me take their money!

Are you next?  GOOD.

Money Mistress Candace

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findom mistress niteflirt candace findom piggies So you’ve been looking for a just the right Mistress to dominate you.  You’ve seen the heavy make-up, bleached hair and fake extensions, the grossly exagerated ‘TV’ domme who claims to make 100’s of thousands of dollars by going into men’s computer’s and you’ve seen the big fake tits and porn actresses teasing you and taking money.  You’ve seen the one’s who claim to have Ph.D’s and can ‘outsmart’ you.

If that was what you truly wanted then why are you here? 

Because, you want someone special. You don’t want a caricature or a fake bimbo spreading her pussy for the masses.  You don’t want some over-weight woman with fat tits telling you that they’re special and you will pay her for that.  You want a woman who you can feel proud to have your money and who’s personality is playful, sensually dominant, sexy, upscale and level-headed. FinDom Mistress Wealth Management Financial Domination Mistress Candace uses PayPigs I am a softly dominating Playful Sensual FinDom Mistress for upscale gents who appreciate class. Even when one of my best PayPets left Mistress for another, we have remained somewhat friendly. Why? Because, I know he’ll be back.  Because, I know he needs that special intimacy that only the term Mistress of FinDom can fulfill.  I am not the kind of FinDom Mistress who breaks the law, tells you to steal from your company, (well, maybe…) and who expects you to break the law for me. I want you steadfast so that I can take 100s of thousands over time.  Over and over and over again. Mistress Candace    
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Rinsing FinDom Subs means taking his wallet or credit card and taking them for a ride!  Many of you simply enjoy the risk and rush of a woman using you and taking your money.  FinDom Rinsing is truly exhilirating!  What type of man would do that, you ask?  Many!  If you have a Financial Domination fetish then you understand the feeling of powerlessness and the exhaltation of being rinsed by Mistress Candace.

You may pay my rate and speak with me. Call ExecutiveStressRelief for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

Some findom’s think a woman must objectify herself to be successful at financial domination. I disagree. If I am behaving sexually towards a sub it is simply because taking his money makes me wet.
I am not your whore, nor do I sit there spreading my legs and claiming that my education and intellect are so extraordinary that you will pay me; because if that is true, why would I be spreading my legs?
There are many upscale gentlemen who have so much money and class that watching a woman debase herself for him is actually a turn off!  If that fits YOU, then you need to contact me asap! NiteFlirt HERE. My beauty, character and naturally sensual dominance will take more from you than you could have ever imagined when you found me.  What are you waiting for?

Contact Me Now!

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