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    Financial Domination Mistress Candace

    FINANCIAL DOMINATION FETISH MISTRESS CANDACE! UNDERSTAND ME NOW WORMS! Let me make this perfectly clear you mutant!  If you write me on NiteFlirt (or call me) and insinuate that NiteFlirt isn’t for you, and you ask me to go off-site YOU’D BETTER HAVE ALREADY SHOWN ME YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR PLACE!!!!  THAT MEANS SENDING ME YOUR MONEY!!! NITEFLIRT* if you ask me to go off-site FINDOM RULES FOR LOSERS MUTANTS WORMS AND FINDOM SUBS! YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY SENT ME A 3 DIGIT TRIBUTE PRIOR TO CALLING…

  • FinDom Mistress

    Mature Money Mistress Candace (FinDom)

    Being a mature Money Mistress in Financial Domination is an asset. Taking money from men is my passion, but getting a few FinDom Subs who are wealthy is a goal.  IN the above video I say, “I will control your cock, your money and YOUR MIND” and what this implies is that I am capable of getting inside your head because of my articulate voracity to control your funds. Mistress Candace, NiteFlirt’s best FinDom You see, I have a low tolerance for dumb. Now, don’t misunderstand…

  • FinDom Mistress

    Pay for Chastity (Financial Domination)

    Although, he spelled my name wrong! HE TOOK NEW PICS TO SHOW HIS DEVOTION.  CHARLIE IS MY NEWEST LIL SUB. My new lil FinSub will do anything for Mistress Candace. Learning to trust takes time. He may not completely trust me now, but he will. Mistress does Chastity for Pay Only! It does absolutely nothing for me to control men’s cocks without payment. After all, it’s not my obsession nor my interest in you, it is simply a weak point in which I control you and…

  • FinDom Mistress

    FinDom Humiliation Intox (on cam)

    12/25/20  Merry Christmas to me!  This week I had the most fun rinsing a FinDom Intox Slave and Humiliation FinDom Sub during an INTOX SESSSION on cam. FINANCIAL DOMINATION BY FemDom Mistress C Intox and HUMILIATION ON CAM NiteFlirt: December 21st, I answered the phone and heard “V” say with a upbeat articulate voice, “Hey”! Four hours later, I had “V” drunk and sending me NiteFlirt Tributes while he was nude and sucking cock (dildo) and chatting away!   Thousands of his money!  CashApp, NiteFlirt, GPay and…

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    FinDom Blackmail and it’s worth to me with (NiteFlirt customers)

    Financial Domination and Blackmail on NiteFlirt I’ve been reading some long time FemDomme’s FinDom blogs who discuss blackmail and the ramifications of getting involved in this FinDom Fetish.  It is not for everyone any more than Financial Domination is, but it’s worth writing about.  I don’t do it.  Why?  Because, the majority of my income and Subs come from NiteFlirt and/or sometimes, Twitter.  Maybe, it’s because I have only been doing financial domination less than 2 yrs…but very few men have reached out to me off…

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    Long term FinDom Rinsing

    When I catch a piggy who wants me to take his cash, I do! When I only get to rinse you via email or pay to view mails on NiteFlirt, then I never honestly get a chance to get inside that cash slave’s head.  Sometimes, even when we speak, it’s clear you are not worthy of conversation with me.   This lil NiteFlirt FinDom Piggy was ready for good rinsing when he called me about 9pm on my FemDom Mistress  C account on NF.  I rinsed him…

  • FinDom Mistress

    Mistress Candace (FinDom Mistress)

    Where the fuck is everybody? LOL, except for the redneck racists who get Covid at mass gatherings and expouse their small minded fear based racists flags and opinions at “racial equality” protests and wreck their boats in Texas supporting that incompetent RACIST and mentally ill fucker in America’s House (for now). It’s been really quiet lately and I don’t like it one fucking bit!  Financial Domination isn’t about “when you can” it’s about DEVOTING YOURSELF TO MY TAKING YOUR MONEY on regular basis; even when it’s…

  • FinDom Mistress


    It’s no wonder that after I changed my NiteFlirt FEMDOM screen name from ExecutiveStressRelief to FEMDOM MISTRESS C I started getting more ‘favorite’ notices.  Many men find giving their money to a beautiful dominant sensually smart women quite a hard on, oh, I mean turn on. What’s your favorite method of being RINSED? Do you like to get rinsed by Pay to View emails? Would you rather join me on a Skype call and send tributes? Maybe, you’d like to grovel, fuck your own ass, use…

  • FinDom Mistress

    FEMDOM MISTRESS C (formerly known as ExecutiveStressRelief)

    ANNOUNCEMENT: AUGUST 26, 2020 I HAVE CHANGED MY SCREEN NAME ON NITEFLIRT. IT IS NOW, FEMDOM MISTRESS C. Too many low-life dummies who think they can call me and pretend to be an ‘executive’ when they’re probably sitting in an gated community gate house. I REALLY ONLY ENJOY EDUCATED, UPSCALE, WEALTHY, SUCCESSFUL ARTICULATE MEN. YES, THAT MEANS TAKING YOUR MONEY AND SPEAKING WITH YOU. So, now that’s done.  

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