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Covid and other shit times

Hello PayPigs, Sugar Daddies, Spoilers, Losers and Cucks! Mistress Candace here to take down some names and start kicking some ass! It’s been almost 12 weeks since I’ve been sick with that damned coughing pandemic bullshit and 10 weeks since I’ve been out and about ANY WHERE! Are you as sick of this shit as…
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New! Gifts for Mistress

GIFTROCKET.COM SUCKS ASS DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANYTHING!!!! So, after a lengthy back and fourth with I have decided they suck ass! I will NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. I have had over $2000 in giftrockets from Cash Slaves, Cam slaves, and PayPigs and THEY cancelled 3 of mine recently. I don’t know if…
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PayPigs Losers PinDicks

Now you know what REAL TALENT looks like Piggies, PinDicks, and Losers! Pay Mistress Candace for the failure of being the fake man you are!!!! My gift page is HERE.

I’m nice until I am not

ANNOUNCEMENT: A message from FinDom Mistress Candace NiteFlirt customer “Damien” screen name:sucker4lust2 previously sucker4lust REVERSED tributes totaling $250. ANYONE WHO DOES THIS WILL BE DEEMED AN ENEMY OF MINE AND WILL PAY ACCORDINGLY. I will hunt you down by your IP address: which I collect and have now collected yours. ANY FAKE FINDOM SUBS…
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Rinsing PayPigs

This week has been quite busy on NiteFlirt with 2 new MAJOR PayPigs finding me. It’s always a crapshoot on NiteFlirt, you pay them for clicks to promote your listings but you have no idea whether anyone will come along and get rinsed. They did this week! One was into blackmail which I don’t do…but…
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FinDom Puppies who come back

So sweet when my first FinDom Sub comes home to Mistress Candace. This week two of my lil obediant puppies came back to Mistress Candace, the NiteFlirt ‘Money Mistress’. I’m sure at some point all submissives move on, but one in particular was really missed and Mistress is so glad to see he wants to…
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Money Mistress New FinDom Lifestyle

Hello to my lil PayPets, PayPiggies, Sugar Daddies’ piggy banks, devotees, et al I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks because I’ve changed my lifestyle a bit. I now travel the country (albeit the damned east side of it thus far) in a Class A motorcoach.  I’ve been learning so much and thus far…
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FinDom favorites

I’m sure every FinDom Mistress has her fav’s as she begins taking men’s money.  I sure have my fav’s.  Are you ready to be my new favorite FinDom Sub? MY FINDOM SUB FAVORITES! It’s not the amount of funds I’ve extracted, although that’s sweet as hell; it’s the way he loves to spoil me!  I…
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Financial Domination Mistress

What is your worst nightmare?  Is it that you wake up to a text from your bank that ‘you’re overdrawn’? That’s my wet dream!  Hearing you call me and say “Mistress, you did it, you took all I had to give” would probably make me cum.  I did that for you. I made you give…
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