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    Money Mistress New FinDom Lifestyle

    Hello to my lil PayPets, PayPiggies, Sugar Daddies’ piggy banks, devotees, et al I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks because I’ve changed my lifestyle a bit. I now travel the country (albeit the damned east side of it thus far) in a Class A motorcoach.  I’ve been learning so much and thus far cannot say, “I’m having fun yet”.  The fucking heat and humidity ruins everything!  I am expecting better weather in the next weeks as I travel west. But, this new lifestyle as a Sensual FinDom Mistress is expensive and I am expecting more than my share of new FinDom Slaves and Niteflirt tributes to accomodate me. …

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    FinDom favorites

    I’m sure every FinDom Mistress has her fav’s as she begins taking men’s money.  I sure have my fav’s.  Are you ready to be my new favorite FinDom Sub? MY FINDOM SUB FAVORITES! It’s not the amount of funds I’ve extracted, although that’s sweet as hell; it’s the way he loves to spoil me!  I always want each of my findom subs to open up to Mistress Candace about your findom fetish and tell Mistress exactly what form of funds extraction gets you excited.  Each man has his own hot button!  His is simply to spoil Mistress and get my extraordinary voice and intellect and sensual domination to make him…

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    Financial Domination Mistress

    What is your worst nightmare?  Is it that you wake up to a text from your bank that ‘you’re overdrawn’? That’s my wet dream!  Hearing you call me and say “Mistress, you did it, you took all I had to give” would probably make me cum.  I did that for you. I made you give me so much of your hard earned funds that you were ruined…at least until next pay day. Wink. Money Mistress Candace can and will ruin PayPigs. Oink your way into debt for me! Money Mistress – FinDom Mistress Candace With so many fake FinDom Subs on NiteFlirt-it’s time YOU begin your journey with me as…

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    Tribute Mistress

    Feeling like sending tributes to Money Mistress Candace?  Now, all you have to do is find what you want and click!  It goes to my NiteFlirt account, or you can use an APP like GPay, CirclePay (for outside the US) GiftRocket.com or Cash aka SquareCash. All info below. $200 tribute: $60 tribute: $20 tribute: $40 tribute: Cash Slave Contract:                                                            GIFTROCKET.COM CLICK HERE! GPay contact:Send to:Phonejob4u@gmail.com              CirclePay (Out of US) Candacetakesit@gmail.com Cash (SquareCash) send to: Phonejob4u@gmail.com  …

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    Once in a while a FinDom Mistess has the opportunity of finding or being found by a very generous benefactor who doesn’t require his wallet raped.  I have had the opportunity of one such generous fun, naughty Manhattan Sugar Daddy and I’d say I fucking liked it!  He found Mistress on NiteFlirt and suddenly and without communication started sending tributes to my account. Not only did he find his way into my bank account, but into my heart (just a little bit) by being so fucking generous, fun, sexy and upscale!  While I’ll never reveal the size of his generosity-I will say no one has surpassed his giving.  UPSCALE gentlemen…

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    As I see it, once a family or a man is ruined by a FinDom Mistress he is no longer of use to her. My Greed feeds on your weakness for control.  That control is something you lack in your marriage.  Being a homewrecker makes you more needy of me and I despise needy men!  After all, as a married man seeking a FinDom-you’re doing so because of your marriage, family and job. You seek loss of control. You’re expected to be in control all of the time as a family man, as an employee or as a father. I want to exploit the part of you that needs a…

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    So you’ve been looking for a just the right Mistress to dominate you.  You’ve seen the heavy make-up, bleached hair and fake extensions, the grossly exagerated ‘TV’ domme who claims to make 100’s of thousands of dollars by going into men’s computer’s and you’ve seen the big fake tits and porn actresses teasing you and taking money.  You’ve seen the one’s who claim to have Ph.D’s and can ‘outsmart’ you. If that was what you truly wanted then why are you here?  Because, you want someone special. You don’t want a caricature or a fake bimbo spreading her pussy for the masses.  You don’t want some over-weight woman with fat…

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    I WANT YOUR MONEY AND YOU WANT ME TO TAKE IT! Rinsing FinDom Subs means taking his wallet or credit card and taking them for a ride!  Many of you simply enjoy the risk and rush of a woman using you and taking your money.  FinDom Rinsing is truly exhilirating!  What type of man would do that, you ask?  Many!  If you have a Financial Domination fetish then you understand the feeling of powerlessness and the exhaltation of being rinsed by Mistress Candace. You may pay my rate and speak with me. Some findom’s think a woman must objectify herself to be successful at financial domination. I disagree. If I…

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    So, what’s a PayPiggy? In Financial Domination a PayPiggy is usually a man who gives a portion of his income to a FinDom Mistress. Preferably Mistress Candace-either daily or weekly, monthy or in one large sum once a month. Send me a Gift! I WANT YOUR MONEY AND YOU WANT ME TO TAKE IT! A weekly or daily PayPiggy oinks his wages into my NiteFlirt account Tributes Mistress Candace on NiteFlirt my moniker is:’executivestressrelief’ and you’re so weak Piggy that Mistress taking part or all of your income makes you feel worth something. Knowing that your money is fulfilling a want in my life such as a trip or buying…

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