Needy lil FinDom Subs (not wanted)

Needy lil FinDom Subs (not wanted)

So you say you were a cuckold? 

You say you love being rinsed and taken by a smart FinDom Mistress? Make no mistake, I am a popular phone sex Mistress!  Very popular!

You get off being told what a piece of loser trash you are without paying Mistress Candace?  You desire a long slow rinse?  You love being ripped off and controlled, then when Mistress has MANY OTHER MEN TO RINSE and make money off of, YOU RUN TO YOUR ROOM CRYING LIKE A LIL BITCH BOY WHO DIDN’T GET HIS MOMMY’S ATTENTION!

You’re a fake!  Mommy doesn’t have time to work and ‘serve your needy ass’ so if you need that much attention..PAY MISTRESS NOT TO HAVE TO WORK!  $5000 A MONTH WILL DO IT…

You were never a cuckold, your wife cheated on your pathetic needy ass!

She got tired of ‘raising a child’ instead of having a husband!  You say you want a slow rinse, and send Mistress her money, but you expect something in return? Fuck you!  That’s not how this is going to work.

You were never a Financial Submissive!  You were a man paying a woman to soothe your needy pathetic ass!  Needy Subs not wanted!





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