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    Money Mistress Candace takes it! FinDomme on NiteFlirt

    MONEY MISTRESS CANDACE TAKES YOUR MONEY! Financial Domination isn’t for everyone, but you’re here for a reason.  Tribute Me! Do it! I love taking your money! It’s a turn-on for Mistress Candace.  You’re so weak and pathetic that you will lie to your wife, your employer or employees to get off of work to send me a envelope full of cash! Poppers make this lil piggy so weak!  I took $2000 from him in just a few days! Oh, Kev! LOL If you’re not into calling Mistress…

  • FinDom Mistress

    Married Financial Domination Losers (Are you a loser?)

    Married Financial Domination Losers for Mistress Candace “TAKE MY MONEY MISTRESS!” I just love when your wife leaves the house and you RUN to the phone to speak with me. Better yet, I love it when you rush to SEND MONEY TO MISTRESS!  Kev did!  His little $800 (my take was +add 30%) rinsing on NiteFlirt was fine, but then Kev called back.  He couldn’t get to FedEx fast enough to send MORE cash to Mistress Candace.   I suspect Kev has been coming to Mistress Candace’s…

  • FinDom Mistress

    NiteFlirt FinDom Mistress Candace

    NITEFLIRT FINDOM MISTRESS CANDACE  NITEFLIRT’S DUMBEST FINANCIAL DOMINATION SUBMISSIVES Approaching a FinDom Mistress with another FinDom’s initials, screen name or insinuation that you are devoted to another Mistress is just the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  What makes you think that ANY woman would allow you access when your screen name has another FinDom’s name in it? Idiot! What did you think? Did you think I would see that and chase you? NOPE! And, never confuse me with another Mistress Candace who spells her name…

  • FinDom Mistress

    Financial Domination Mistress Candace

    FINANCIAL DOMINATION FETISH MISTRESS CANDACE! UNDERSTAND ME NOW WORMS! Let me make this perfectly clear you mutant!  If you write me on NiteFlirt (or call me) and insinuate that NiteFlirt isn’t for you, and you ask me to go off-site YOU’D BETTER HAVE ALREADY SHOWN ME YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR PLACE!!!!  THAT MEANS SENDING ME YOUR MONEY!!! NITEFLIRT* if you ask me to go off-site FINDOM RULES FOR LOSERS MUTANTS WORMS AND FINDOM SUBS! YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY SENT ME A 3 DIGIT TRIBUTE PRIOR TO CALLING…

  • FinDom Mistress


    It’s no wonder that after I changed my NiteFlirt FEMDOM screen name from ExecutiveStressRelief to FEMDOM MISTRESS C I started getting more ‘favorite’ notices.  Many men find giving their money to a beautiful dominant sensually smart women quite a hard on, oh, I mean turn on. What’s your favorite method of being RINSED? Do you like to get rinsed by Pay to View emails? Would you rather join me on a Skype call and send tributes? Maybe, you’d like to grovel, fuck your own ass, use…

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