FinDom Mistress

Dominate Me Mistress

When a sub calls me on NiteFlirt and says, “Dominate Me” Mistress Candace, I get so excited!  Oh, it doesn’t make my pussy wet, it makes my greed and desire to use men heightened.


The first thing I will do is, find out exactly what that means to you. Dominating Men is more about your mind than your cock…at first.  I will use you, manipulate you, and rinse you.
Does that mean you like ball-busting? Are you into Financial Domination?  I hope so…I love taking husbands’ money! Sometimes, it just a bored married man who want a cyber Mistress.


Are you more sensual and want Mistress to sit on your face and smother you until you beg for air? Either way, you’re getting it! Call Mistress Candace.


Yes, I get liars and fakes who wish to be, or say they wish to be dominated and end up just being cock suckers who use females to absolve them of being fags, but as long as your money ends up in my account, I’ll play along.

Chastity for Pay, Cash Slave Contract, Budget and Control, Spoilers, Pay Pigs, and More!

Financial Domination is different.  Yes, you may be a cock sucker and you may only want to get rinsed at the moment, but both are going to end up with YOUR MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT.

Call me loser!

Call me Spoiler!

Call me FinDom Pig!



error: Fuck off! Think for yourself!