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I’m sure every FinDom Mistress has her fav’s as she begins taking men’s money.  I sure have my fav’s.  Are you ready to be my new favorite FinDom Sub?


It’s not the amount of funds I’ve extracted, although that’s sweet as hell; it’s the way he loves to spoil me!  I always want each of my findom subs to open up to Mistress Candace about your findom fetish and tell Mistress exactly what form of funds extraction gets you excited.  Each man has his own hot button!  His is simply to spoil Mistress and get my extraordinary voice and intellect and sensual domination to make him squeeze his balls, stretch them apart and eventually probe his ass for Mistress.

Being a Money Mistress means that I am your sensually dominant Mistress who doesn’t simply put you down and humiliate you, I have other means of extraction.  For example: one of my Canadian subs wrote:FinDom Mistress Candace Money Mistress ExecutiveStressRelief NiteFlirt findom

Intimately Personal FinDom Mistress Candace…yes, I’ve heard those other FinDomme’s saying things like, “you’re a loser, you’re weak and I am strong etc…and that’s true for the most part.

But, Mistress Candace appreciates my Manhattan FinDom Sub isn’t like that.  He’s made a lot of money and earned his early retirement for a reason.  He didn’t get that way by being a loser!  He did it by being smart, hard-working and in control of his own destiny.

What he really needs from Mistress is LOSS OF CONTROL and a chance to give to a woman who appreciates it.  After all, your wife knows your ins and outs and ups and downs, and she doesn’t want to grab you by the balls and make you feel weak and vulnerable.

I do.

Call Mistress now! Let’s begin your worship of Mistress and long term devotion to spoiling me.

You’ll like it.

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