FinDom Mistress

FinDom Puppies who come back

So sweet when my first FinDom Sub comes home to Mistress Candace.

This week two of my lil obediant puppies came back to Mistress Candace, the NiteFlirt ‘Money Mistress’.

I’m sure at some point all submissives move on, but one in particular was really missed and Mistress is so glad to see he wants to show his financial devotion to me again.  Losers always need someone new to reinforce their loser status.  I personally get very bored with FinDom humiliation.

I prefer a more upscale type of relationship with my Cash Slaves, Worker Bees, Devotees et al.  Using my mind to bend yours to my will is so exciting!  

As I say in my NiteFlirt profile, I will lie to you, seduce you, deny you or manipulate you to get your money and your devotion.  But, my favorite Financial Domination Sub is the one who comes on bended knee after adoring me, watching me, viewing my videos and photos and is already MINE.

Using your cash to fulfill my dreams.

Using your cock to assert my control over you.

Using your cash to build an enormous fortune.

Using your weakness against you.

All of these things make me wet.

Welcome back my lil puppies. 

How much will Mistress Candace, the Money Mistress take this time?


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