FinDom Mistress


Once in a while a FinDom Mistess has the opportunity of finding or being found by a very generous benefactor who doesn’t require his wallet raped.  I have had the opportunity of one such generous fun, naughty Manhattan Sugar Daddy and I’d say I fucking liked it!  He found Mistress on NiteFlirt and suddenly and without communication started sending tributes to my account.

Not only did he find his way into my bank account, but into my heart (just a little bit) by being so fucking generous, fun, sexy and upscale!  While I’ll never reveal the size of his generosity-I will say no one has surpassed his giving.  UPSCALE gentlemen are a huge turn-on for Mistress.

Oh, there was an element of control over him and his cock and balls; especially his balls! But, to coin a phrase he created, it was a delightful combination of dominance and sweetness.

I watched him on Skype whether he was in London or Manhattan, Texas or Bermuda and he tied his balls up for me until the became purple.  Metaphorically, it was the squeezing of his balls that squeezed his wallet right into my account on NiteFlirt.

While we have parted ways due to health issues on his part, we are still very important people to each other and continue a certain amount of connection. Sugar Daddies are the best part of FinDom.

HePays is all about the concept that men will and should pay for a woman.  It’s not the old fashioned notion that women don’t work, it’s the new AGREEMENT that certain men are for working and certain women be paid for his enjoyment.



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