FinDom Mistress

I’m nice until I am not

ANNOUNCEMENT: A message from FinDom Mistress Candace

NiteFlirt customer “Damien” screen name:sucker4lust2 previously sucker4lust
REVERSED tributes totaling $250.

I will hunt you down by your IP address: which I collect and have now collected yours.
ANY FAKE FINDOM SUBS who call me, do business with me, or tribute me who reverse charges, will
be reported to the financial institution it is done through, in this case, a member of FDIC.
Damien” IP address:Goldens Bridge, Also Bedford Hills, and Somers

Longtitude and Latitude: Near Blue Trail and Falcon Ridge Dr. 41° 18′ 1.44″ N 73° 38′ 52.44″ W
New York,
United States / en-us Optimum Online (

Lives in the woods!                                Did you think I would stand for that?

I am not a Ph.D although I should have an honorary one from a prestigious university due to the number of narcissist’s I have spoken with and some down right sociopathic BPD and general lunatic numb nuts.

But, this one takes the cake! Numb nuts calls a FinDom FemDom Mistress and says he’s into ‘blackmail’.

I explain I don’t partake in such bullshit because on the phone it’s a joke.  It’s not blackmail if the person GIVES you the information.  He eludes to ‘getting it out of him’ through the use of poppers and masturbation (which he is addicted to) even though admittedly he has a limp dick.  I tell him to get his poppers and he say’s I don’t have any.  HUH?  “It’s a 30 minute drive” (after seeing the area he lives in, I believe it, he’s in the boonies)

Well, I say I’m not into it and not doing it but I’ll play along with raise the rate and a higher than average rate on NiteFlirt Mistresses anyway…we proceed to have several conversations and I make about $800 off of “Damien”.  Our conversations were mind numbingly BORING as all he can muster is “yeah”.

So one day, I let him send gifts.

We talk, once again a mind numbingly BORING conversation about nothing and with his limited vocabulary “yeah” being the most I ever get from him other than his lies about buying a woman on NiteFlirt or some other site a new laptop. Blah Blah Blah is all he gets from me.

We hang up, I take a shower and like many of you, I forget I ever spoke with this loser.

And, later that evening, after a cosmo or two, I get an email from notifying me that “Damien” has cancelled his gifts.

At this time, I am in the process of moving, which was a non-traditional move and one in which I did most EVERYTHING on my own.  No, take that back.  I DID EVERYTHING ON MY OWN.

NO ONE HAS EVER PLAYED SUCH A NASTY GAME with me out of sheer manipulation and self-ruination and he will forever be looking over his shoulder because he has fucked with the wrong bitch.

Now, I know this fucker wants me to act-out.  But, what he wants and what he’s going to get are two very distinctive different things.

Unfortunately, this limp dick thinks he’s just fucking with some FinDom Phone Sex operator.

He’s not.

Just like most of you…you don’t show your hand, share your personal history, education, knowledge, associates or other valuable information with me.  I in turn, share the same need for privacy.

Damien, if you can get to this website after my blocking you, and you’re reading this.

Look over your shoulder…it’s very dark out there.

Any one or any thing can be lurking near that preserve.





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