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Hello to my lil PayPets, PayPiggies, Sugar Daddies’ piggy banks, devotees, et al

I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks because I’ve changed my lifestyle a bit.

I now travel the country (albeit the damned east side of it thus far) in a Class A motorcoach.  I’ve been learning so much and thus far cannot say, “I’m having fun yet”.  The fucking heat and humidity ruins everything!  I am expecting better weather in the next weeks as I travel west.

But, this new lifestyle as a Sensual FinDom Mistress is expensive and I am expecting more than my share of new FinDom Slaves and Niteflirt tributes to accomodate me.  I know many FinDom Subs are stuck at home with wives and kids, 8 to 5 jobs and routine that is mind-numbing, so if you want to share vicariously through Mistress Candace’s new life, all you have to do is open your legs, and your wallet.

I will squeeze the best out of both of those things you love so much!

Be warned! I AM EXPENSIVE! No $2 tributes will be responded to by Mistress.  If I could, I’d throw it back in your face!  Cheap bastard.

You’re a loser for wanting Mistress to take your money and you know it!  Act like the proper FinDomSub and send your best to the best!

Here are your choices.

Niteflirt tributes

GPay sent to me directly by using phonejob4u@gmail dot com is anonymous and  you can send me tributes through same email as above.

Or by sending to Candacetakesit@gmail dot com


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