FinDom Mistress

Rinse and Repeat Financial Domination by Candace

Welcome Weak and Broke FinDom Losers!

Rinsing lil Piggies for fun!

Mistress Candace knows you!  You’re weak for Mistress Candace.  I take your pride, your money and you enjoy every minute of it, because your lil penis gets hard.  I know…it’s the main brain.

I love rinsing piggies!  My newest, Patrick started out vanilla until Miss Candace took his money and made him get into chastity for me.  LOL  He paid for that privledge.

I love owning cocks and your wallets Piggies, Spoilers, PayPets and Rinsing Addicts.

Look at him! LOL, and this morning, July 1, 2021 he’s already spent $150 just emailing with me. I edited his TINY LIL CLITORIS/PENIS for you to avoid making you puke! It almost made me!

error: Fuck off! Think for yourself!