FinDom Mistress



Rinsing FinDom Subs means taking his wallet or credit card and taking them for a ride!  Many of you simply enjoy the risk and rush of a woman using you and taking your money.  FinDom Rinsing is truly exhilirating!  What type of man would do that, you ask?  Many!  If you have a Financial Domination fetish then you understand the feeling of powerlessness and the exhaltation of being rinsed by Mistress Candace.

You may pay my rate and speak with me.
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Some findom’s think a woman must objectify herself to be successful at financial domination. I disagree. If I am behaving sexually towards a sub it is simply because taking his money makes me wet.

I am not your whore, nor do I sit there spreading my legs and claiming that my education and intellect are so extraordinary that you will pay me; because if that is true, why would I be spreading my legs?

There are many upscale gentlemen who have so much money and class that watching a woman debase herself for him is actually a turn off!  If that fits YOU, then you need to contact me asap! NiteFlirt HERE.

My beauty, character and naturally sensual dominance will take more from you than you could have ever imagined when you found me.  What are you waiting for?

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