• FinDom Mistress

    FinDom Humiliation Intox (on cam)

    12/25/20  Merry Christmas to me!  This week I had the most fun rinsing a FinDom Intox Slave and Humiliation FinDom Sub during an INTOX SESSSION on cam. FINANCIAL DOMINATION BY FemDom Mistress C Intox and HUMILIATION ON CAM NiteFlirt: December 21st, I answered the phone and heard “V” say with a upbeat articulate voice, “Hey”! Four hours later, I had “V” drunk and sending me NiteFlirt Tributes while he was nude and sucking cock (dildo) and chatting away!   Thousands of his money!  CashApp, NiteFlirt, GPay and…

  • FinDom Mistress

    FinDom favorites

    I’m sure every FinDom Mistress has her fav’s as she begins taking men’s money.  I sure have my fav’s.  Are you ready to be my new favorite FinDom Sub? MY FINDOM SUB FAVORITES! It’s not the amount of funds I’ve extracted, although that’s sweet as hell; it’s the way he loves to spoil me!  I always want each of my findom subs to open up to Mistress Candace about your findom fetish and tell Mistress exactly what form of funds extraction gets you excited.  Each man…

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