• FinDom Mistress

    Mistress Candace (FinDom Mistress)

    Where the fuck is everybody? LOL, except for the redneck racists who get Covid at mass gatherings and expouse their small minded fear based racists flags and opinions at “racial equality” protests and wreck their boats in Texas supporting that incompetent RACIST and mentally ill fucker in America’s House (for now). It’s been really quiet lately and I don’t like it one fucking bit!  Financial Domination isn’t about “when you can” it’s about DEVOTING YOURSELF TO MY TAKING YOUR MONEY on regular basis; even when it’s difficult and you think you can’t ‘afford it’. You should be GIVING ME YOUR…

  • FinDom Mistress


    It’s no wonder that after I changed my NiteFlirt FEMDOM screen name from ExecutiveStressRelief to FEMDOM MISTRESS C I started getting more ‘favorite’ notices.  Many men find giving their money to a beautiful dominant sensually smart women quite a hard on, oh, I mean turn on. What’s your favorite method of being RINSED? Do you like to get rinsed by Pay to View emails? Would you rather join me on a Skype call and send tributes? Maybe, you’d like to grovel, fuck your own ass, use a vibrator and let me RINSE you and your wallet during that sexually heightened…

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