Financial Domination Mistress Candace

Financial Domination Mistress Candace (NiteFlirt)

You’re here because you searched for it, don’t resist reaching out to me, on NiteFlirt.

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, fear me because I’m smart!


Financial Domination with Mistress Candace.  You found me because, you want a beautiful woman to coerce that money right out of your wallet.  Whether it’s a rinsing or a pay to view session, I will take your money.  Rinsing Losers, Pay Piggies, Human ATM’s and Spoilers who love a strong smart woman as their Mistress.

You and I were meant to be.


I can take it via Cash App or on NiteFlirt via tributes.  You can call Mistress and whine and beg for Mistress to let you touch that pathetic cock of yours.  You and I both know that is what makes you weak and mindless.  Pay Pigs on NiteFlirt love the manipulation and control FemDom Mistress has over you.  My sexy soothing voice and sharp mind along with my full breasts, curvy figure and beautiful mouth and green eyes, will mesmerize you and you funds.

Do you need to have your signature on the contract and know that there are consequences if you fail?  I will know more about you and your money once we get to know each other and you sign my contact.

Whichever method I chose to rinse you, Pay Piggy, Mistress Candace will take it!  Get started by contacting me here on NiteFlirt or via my contact page.  Now!


FinDom Piggy to Mistess Candy

Financial Domination is just that, domination.  Domination can be soft, sensual or bold and harsh, but it is ALWAYS consensual.  Here are some buttons to make you comply and begin your cash rape, wallet rinsing, debt contract, financial ruin. 

Well, read about me here.

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I collect IP addresses and can do anything I wish with it!