FinDom Mistress

Financial Domination Mistress

What is your worst nightmare?  Is it that you wake up to a text from your bank that ‘you’re overdrawn’?findom mistress candace money mistress That’s my wet dream!  Hearing you call me and say “Mistress, you did it, you took all I had to give” would probably make me cum.  I did that for you. I made you give me so much of your hard earned funds that you were ruined…at least until next pay day. Wink.
Money Mistress Candace can and will ruin PayPigs.

Oink your way into debt for me!

Money Mistress – FinDom Mistress Candace

With so many fake FinDom Subs on NiteFlirt-it’s time YOU begin your journey with me as your FinDom Mistress from this website and my contact form.  I will receive your email right away if it’s between waking hours.  I will return your contact providing your question or approach is accompanied by consideration.  Square  and GPay.

Sometimes, maybe but if that’s all you can do because of the wifey, send away!

All of these alternatives make it easy for you little Piggy to worship me and begin your FinDom Sub enslavement.  I will only respond to those who demonstrate a true understanding of a FinDom Mistress.  My time is expensive.  Getting my attention is a gift.  Mistress owning you and your stupid cock are a compliment.

I have been in the adult FemDomme community for 11 yrs so if you expect to test me for trust, fuck off.


Every FinDom PayPig has his own needs. Many desire cock ownership for pay. My style is to approach you with the strength of domination you need at the time of contact.  I am not one of those women who constantly calls you Pig and Loser.  Although, you may be.  My vocabulary is broader than that and because of that broad vocabulary, Mistress Candace will approach your domination suitable to your desire to be financially dominated.

Speaking with Mistress is easy.  Many of my lil PayPigs say, “you are a refreshing change Mistress from the average findom mistresses who demand cash in the first minute“.  I am.  I’d rather financially dominate you for MANY years to come rather than get as much as possible right away.  Your long term devotion to me is expected and will be quite enjoyable to you as well.

I love married men who come to me with a moaning desire for total power exchange.  Your wife is constantly asking something of you and your boss is a dick so you crave the loss of control you always have to possess.  However, loss of that control needs to create a rush of excitement in you!

That excitement comes with my highly sexual voice and beautiful face and curvy womanly body.

Mistress Candace can and will dominate you on Skype or via phone or through MP3’s and emails.

Either way you chose it, Mistress Candace is going to take that cash and squeeze your balls dry!  It’s just a money sac to me anyway. Call EXECUTIVESTRESSRELIEF for phone sex on




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