FinDom Mistress

What happens when a FinDom gets old

She turns to selling sex! LMAO!  Just noticed that some old hack at Financial Domination has basically turned into a porn whore.  Funny, she’s never ass raping men, it’s only women. (?)

BUT, what can a girl who’s ‘look’ has “been there, done that” do when she no longer gets any FinDom Subs who want to look at her clown makeup and fake tits?  Resort to fucking lesbian’s in the ass and selling it!

There are so many aspects of Financial Domination to use against you weak FinDom subs.

Of course, the easiest is using the natural sexual weakness men have.  That’s an easy mark.  None of you are capable of turning down that Goddess pussy.  Especially,when you’re already gooning and in the mood to be wallet raped.  But,eventually that gets old.

In fact, many FinDom Subs don’t even like pussy.

They need something else.


error: Fuck off! Think for yourself!