FinDom Mistress

What happens when a FinDom gets old


She turns to selling sex! LMAO!  Just noticed that some old hack at Financial Domination has basically turned into a porn whore.  That’s what happens when a FinDom makes it all about HER!  Eventually, that old botoxed face, plumped fake lips the fake tits, the fake “I’m so hot” and the I’m a Goddess crap just doesn’t work anymore.

Oh, she still shakes, or attempts to shake those saline implants while squeezing out ‘who owns you?’ but eventually men find someone with more depth and understanding that his fetish is in his mind as well as his cock!

BUT, what can a girl who’s ‘look’ has “been there, done that” do when she no longer gets any FinDom Subs who want to look at her clown makeup and fake tits?  Resort to fucking lesbian’s in the ass and selling it!  Then, calls herself a ‘producer’.

There are so many aspects of Financial Domination to use against you weak FinDom subs.

Of course, the easiest is using the natural sexual weakness men have.  That’s an easy mark.  None of you are capable of turning down that Goddess pussy.  Especially,when you’re already gooning and in the mood to be wallet raped.  But,eventually that gets old.

In fact, many FinDom Subs don’t even like pussy.

They need something else.

This is where to a FinDom Mistress who makes it all about her, and myself differ,  It’s not all about ME, it’s about YOU FinDom Sub!  I want to push your buttons in a manner and style that ends up with your money in my pocket.  Yeah, yeah, I get it.  Many Financial Domination submissives who have the fetish will never get the chance to have drinks with or meet a tall fake tittied skinny fake ass bleach blonde bimbo in person.  They look at women like that who bastardize themselves for money while jerking off watching porn.

But, is that someone you would walk into a restaurant with? Nope!

Cash Meets: My fear, and it’s reasonable is that some submissive male (when he’s in his subspace) will be fine at first but then gets stalky or worse.  The worse would be that a FinDom does a cash meet with him and his obsession with you and the financial domination loss means he pulls out a knife and guts you with it.

Thus, no cash meets for me!

What happens when a FinDom Mistress who makes it all about HER is that she gets old.  Her botox won’t look so good, those big fake tits under her chin need to be redone and that fake ass bleach blonde hair gets thin and starts to look awful.

I AM ABOUT YOU and what makes you feel weak.

What makes your subspace more fun for me to take your cash?

You’re still going to pump your penis until you get so fucking old or enfeebled that you can’t. Men are weak and their pricks make it worse!

It’s your fetish! I am just here to exploit it.

Not exploit myself!

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