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Curious about Financial Domination (Become a FinDom Sub) Part 1


Does that quick message scare you?  Are you curious about FinDom and why anyone would do it?


I get it.  Most people go through life chasing that almighty dollar.  You want more of it, to do more with it, and to buy more shit and look better than your neighbors.  You want your family to be proud of your income and belongings so that you seem ‘happy’.  Money, is essentially the one thing most people want, so why would anyone want someone to take it from them?

Well, the truth is, money does not make anyone happy.  It can make things easier and can make problems easier to handle, but it doesn’t make anyone happy.  Happiness is conditional.

Think of it this way…does someone with a foot and shoe fetish become fully satisfied with life after a foot and shoe binge?  He or she, get’s a bit of pleasure (or a lot of pleasure) from that behavior but it always comes back.  Sometimes, the fetish can be so overwhelming that he or she is never satisfied.  That’s a bit like having money and having FinDom Fetish.  It is never truly satisfied.  You always want more.

More humiliation, more loss of power and more feelings of being taken or ‘rinsed’.  Being a Loser Piggy.


A man with a Financial Domination Fetish aka FinDom Sub will always want more beautiful women taking their funds and making them feel the rush of the risk and the humility of being taken.  Some men aren’t even sexually aroused by it, it’s a mental thing for them.  Some find it consuming and arousing.

So, why? Why would someone like the FinDom fetish?  Well, the answer is sorta’ve easy.

  • Most men are pleasers, thus pleasing a woman-Mistress of dominant makes them feel good.
  • If you’re dating a woman she expects to be ‘courted’, taken to dinner, the theatre concerts etc…this costs money.  But, when you have a relationship with her it brings you pleasure to get her attention and company, it’s no different for FinDom Subs, they want the attention the Mistress gives him.
  • TPE, or total power exchange.  This requires the FinDom Sub’s complicity to Mistress but she takes over the relationship and it becomes a D/s agreement.  He gives, she takes and he does as he’s told.
  • Loss of power. Some of my FinDom Subs are quite successful.  In that success, he may have been a bad boy eg: defending drug dealers/taking other’s money to invest and lost it but kept the commission. Having Mistress Candace take his money makes him feel less guilty.
  • Some men have absolutely no play with women! They are losers socially and have never had a girlfriend to spoil and spoiling Mistress Candace for my photos, MP3’s and attention brings him some semblance of a life!


I will always approach each of my FinDom Subs as a unique character.  Each of you have his own needs and wants and style of having Mistress Candace takes his money.  I have cock sucker loser piggies who get off on being ‘taken’ and rinsed but have no sexual intimacy with Mistress.

I have FinDom spoilers who don’t want to be humiliated by the taking of his funds, but who wants to be watched on cam while humiliating himself sexually.  Being watched, for him, is the humiliating part.

What type of Financial Domination Submissive are you?

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