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Mature Money Mistress Candace (FinDom)

Being a mature Money Mistress in Financial Domination is an asset. Taking money from men is my passion, but getting a few FinDom Subs who are wealthy is a goal.  IN the above video I say, “I will control your cock, your money and YOUR MIND” and what this implies is that I am capable of getting inside your head because of my articulate voracity to control your funds.

Mistress Candace, NiteFlirt’s best FinDom

You see, I have a low tolerance for dumb. Now, don’t misunderstand Mistress Candace, being weakened by a woman’s beauty and power does not make a man ‘dumb’. NiteFlirt has a fair amount of just dumb people who call Me but I cannot stand having to dumb-down to take a man’s money! Who do I look for?  Wealthy Subs!  I’m not some 20 year old who thinks $10 dollars is a ‘start’, I think $10 is an ending!  Go Away! I want you to WANT me.  Sure, it’s fine to look at a hot young body and find it attractive, but after that…she’s got nothing to offer you.

A successful upscale wealthy man doesn’t even want that young hot body, he wants a WOMAN.


Nope, a few dollars here and there do nothing for me.  If that’s all you can afford and think that’s financial domination ,then that 19 yr old is more your style. I want REAL MONEY! REAL SUCCESS.

Therefore, I cannot indulge in conversations with silly grunting tongue-tied unsofisticated baffoons.

I have watched the medley of young “Princesses” come onto NiteFlirt to Domme men and it’s just funny.  Most of them use ‘fake’ content models anyway, but the profundity of the listing(s) make it clear they are just SPOILED LIL BRATS WITH NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE SELF NOR THE MEN THEY ARE CLAIMING TO DOMINATE.

Maturity comes with age and knowledge with both…YOU WILL BECOME MY CASH SLAVE PET.

I know men.  I have been cultivating my charm and control since I was 16.  It’s the mature articulate gent who has made his money and is enjoying his mid-life crisis or his 20+yr boring but stable marriage who makes me excited.  Ten Grand in just a few months is nothing for him exept that he’s getting very little in return and the excitement of a MONEY MISTRESS WHO HE CAN SPOIL and have actual conversations with is exciting to him.  I love a wealthy pay pet who’s marriage is lack luster…it gives me room to get in.

I want your money and you want my sexuality, charm and wit and attention.

I have been turning vanilla callers’ to NiteFlirt into Financial Domination Subs for weeks now and one of my favorite is here…his small penis in chastity.  Oh lil thing…LOL

I can control that lil cocklet and make it mine while taking his cash!  After all, no one else wants to play with it.  I have a secret of his I am holding onto as well.  He’s got a few!  I will keep them as long as he keeps paying.  If not, well then, then it’s all on the table.

Whether you like:

Financial Domination Blackmail

Small Penis Humilation while I take your cash

Spoiling a Mistress

Being put on a budget and paying my bills

Bill Pay for Chastity

Wallet Rinsing 1ce a month

Becoming my Cash Slave by contract or simply being USED FOR YOUR MONEY because frankly, that’s all you’re good for…Call Mistress Candace FemDom Mistress C on NiteFlirt.
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