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findom mistress paypig losers sph niteflirt mistress candace findom pig So, what’s a PayPiggy? In Financial Domination a PayPiggy is usually a man who gives a portion of his income to a FinDom Mistress. Preferably Mistress Candace-either daily or weekly, monthy or in one large sum once a month.

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A weekly or daily PayPiggy oinks his wages into my NiteFlirt account Tributes Mistress Candace on NiteFlirt my moniker is:’executivestressrelief’ and you’re so weak Piggy that Mistress taking part or all of your income makes you feel worth something.

Knowing that your money is fulfilling a want in my life such as a trip or buying a new car or my rent, etc…is important to the PayPiggy. He is now fulfilled by giving his income to a beautiful Mistress.  What does the PayPiggy get in return? Does he expect anything in return?
Well, the short answer is NO.
The longer answer is that it depends on the Financial Domination Mistress and the paypiggy in question.

Having an arrangment or a formal ‘agreement’ may suit the PayPiggy. He may need that extra sense of belonging to Mistress by signing a formal Cash Slave Agreement.
We may also verbally agree to an amount that makes Mistress happy and he, the PayPiggy can feel controlled by. I am open to either.

Are you looking for that special FinDom Mistress to take your earnings and help you feel owned?

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