• FinDom Mistress

    Curious about Financial Domination (Become a FinDom Sub) Part 1

      Does that quick message scare you?  Are you curious about FinDom and why anyone would do it? I AM MISTRESS CANDACE, A FINDOMME WHO TAKES MONEY FROM MEN AND WOMEN I get it.  Most people go through life chasing that almighty dollar.  You want more of it, to do more with it, and to buy more shit and look better than your neighbors.  You want your family to be proud of your income and belongings so that you seem ‘happy’.  Money, is essentially the one…

  • FinDom Mistress

    Covid and other shit times

    Hello PayPigs, Sugar Daddies, Spoilers, Losers and Cucks! Mistress Candace here to take down some names and start kicking some ass! It’s been almost 12 weeks since I’ve been sick with that damned coughing pandemic bullshit and 10 weeks since I’ve been out and about ANY WHERE! Are you as sick of this shit as I am? Money matters FinDom with Mistress Candace This shit has taken a toll on many industries, but the only one I am concerned with is my own.  Mistress wants and…

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