FinDom Mistress


As I see it, once a family or a man is ruined by a FinDom Mistress he is no longer of use to her. My Greed feeds on your weakness for control.  That control is something you lack in your marriage.  Being a homewrecker makes you more needy of me and I despise needy men!  After all, as a married man seeking a FinDom-you’re doing so because of your marriage, family and job. You seek loss of control.

You’re expected to be in control all of the time as a family man, as an employee or as a father.

I want to exploit the part of you that needs a beautiful woman to control you.  Being my FinDom Sub is a priviledge and one you should pay for.  Tributes before you leave for work or daily deposits into my bank account make you feel that loss.  Loss of control is what you seek and loss of control is what I offer.

Long term Financial Domination with Money Mistress Candace

The longer you and I stay connected, the more money will be siphoned and the flow continue for ages!  I don’t care about the welfare of your family, honestly.  It’s my goal to get your money!  But, if you’re broke and alone it won’t be as fun for me.  I want you sneaking away from your wife or kids to call me.  I want you thinking of Mistress Candace while you’re laying next to her.

I love taking money from married men!!!

Married men love having me take their money!

Are you next?  GOOD.

Money Mistress Candace

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