FinDom Mistress


findom mistress niteflirt candace findom piggies So you’ve been looking for a just the right Mistress to dominate you.  You’ve seen the heavy make-up, bleached hair and fake extensions, the grossly exagerated ‘TV’ domme who claims to make 100’s of thousands of dollars by going into men’s computer’s and you’ve seen the big fake tits and porn actresses teasing you and taking money.  You’ve seen the one’s who claim to have Ph.D’s and can ‘outsmart’ you.

If that was what you truly wanted then why are you here? 

Because, you want someone special. You don’t want a caricature or a fake bimbo spreading her pussy for the masses.  You don’t want some over-weight woman with fat tits telling you that they’re special and you will pay her for that.  You want a woman who you can feel proud to have your money and who’s personality is playful, sensually dominant, sexy, upscale and level-headed.

FinDom Mistress Wealth Management Financial Domination Mistress Candace uses PayPigs I am a softly dominating Playful Sensual FinDom Mistress for upscale gents who appreciate class.

Even when one of my best PayPets left Mistress for another, we have remained somewhat friendly.

Why? Because, I know he’ll be back.  Because, I know he needs that special intimacy that only the term Mistress of FinDom can fulfill.  I am not the kind of FinDom Mistress who breaks the law, tells you to steal from your company, (well, maybe…) and who expects you to break the law for me.

I want you steadfast so that I can take 100s of thousands over time.  Over and over and over again.

Mistress Candace



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