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Feeling like sending tributes to Money Mistress Candace?  Now, all you have to do is find what you want and click!  It goes to my NiteFlirt account, or you can use an APP like GPay, CirclePay (for outside the US) or Cash aka SquareCash. All info below.

$200 tribute:
$60 tribute:
$20 tribute:
$40 tribute:

Cash Slave Contract:                                                            GIFTROCKET.COM CLICK HERE!

GPay contact:Send              CirclePay (Out of US)

Cash (SquareCash) send to:  




Once in a while a FinDom Mistess has the opportunity of finding or being found by a very generous benefactor who doesn’t require his wallet raped.  I have had the opportunity of one such generous fun, naughty Manhattan Sugar Daddy and I’d say I fucking liked it!  He found Mistress on NiteFlirt and suddenly and without communication started sending tributes to my account.

Not only did he find his way into my bank account, but into my heart (just a little bit) by being so fucking generous, fun, sexy and upscale!  While I’ll never reveal the size of his generosity-I will say no one has surpassed his giving.  UPSCALE gentlemen are a huge turn-on for Mistress.

Oh, there was an element of control over him and his cock and balls; especially his balls! But, to coin a phrase he created, it was a delightful combination of dominance and sweetness.

I watched him on Skype whether he was in London or Manhattan, Texas or Bermuda and he tied his balls up for me until the became purple.  Metaphorically, it was the squeezing of his balls that squeezed his wallet right into my account on NiteFlirt.

While we have parted ways due to health issues on his part, we are still very important people to each other and continue a certain amount of connection. Sugar Daddies are the best part of FinDom.

HePays is all about the concept that men will and should pay for a woman.  It’s not the old fashioned notion that women don’t work, it’s the new AGREEMENT that certain men are for working and certain women be paid for his enjoyment.






Rinsing FinDom Subs means taking his wallet or credit card and taking them for a ride!  Many of you simply enjoy the risk and rush of a woman using you and taking your money.  FinDom Rinsing is truly exhilirating!  What type of man would do that, you ask?  Many!  If you have a Financial Domination fetish then you understand the feeling of powerlessness and the exhaltation of being rinsed by Mistress Candace.

You may pay my rate and speak with me.
Call ExecutiveStressRelief for phone sex on

Some findom’s think a woman must objectify herself to be successful at financial domination. I disagree. If I am behaving sexually towards a sub it is simply because taking his money makes me wet.

I am not your whore, nor do I sit there spreading my legs and claiming that my education and intellect are so extraordinary that you will pay me; because if that is true, why would I be spreading my legs?

There are many upscale gentlemen who have so much money and class that watching a woman debase herself for him is actually a turn off!  If that fits YOU, then you need to contact me asap! NiteFlirt HERE.

My beauty, character and naturally sensual dominance will take more from you than you could have ever imagined when you found me.  What are you waiting for?

Contact Me Now!




findom mistress paypig losers sph niteflirt mistress candace findom pig So, what’s a PayPiggy? In Financial Domination a PayPiggy is usually a man who gives a portion of his income to a FinDom Mistress. Preferably Mistress Candace-either daily or weekly, monthy or in one large sum once a month.


A weekly or daily PayPiggy oinks his wages into my NiteFlirt account Tributes Mistress Candace on NiteFlirt my moniker is:’executivestressrelief’ and you’re so weak Piggy that Mistress taking part or all of your income makes you feel worth something.

Knowing that your money is fulfilling a want in my life such as a trip or buying a new car or my rent, etc…is important to the PayPiggy. He is now fulfilled by giving his income to a beautiful Mistress.  What does the PayPiggy get in return? Does he expect anything in return?
Well, the short answer is NO.
The longer answer is that it depends on the Financial Domination Mistress and the paypiggy in question.

Having an arrangment or a formal ‘agreement’ may suit the PayPiggy. He may need that extra sense of belonging to Mistress by signing a formal Cash Slave Agreement.
We may also verbally agree to an amount that makes Mistress happy and he, the PayPiggy can feel controlled by. I am open to either.

Are you looking for that special FinDom Mistress to take your earnings and help you feel owned?

Contact Me here or NiteFlirt.


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