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PayPigs Losers PinDicks

Now you know what REAL TALENT looks like Piggies, PinDicks, and Losers! Pay Mistress Candace for the failure of being the fake man you are!!!! My gift page is HERE.

Tribute Mistress

Feeling like sending tributes to Money Mistress Candace?  Now, all you have to do is find what you want and click!  It goes to my NiteFlirt account, or you can use an APP like GPay, CirclePay (for outside the US) GiftRocket.com or Cash aka SquareCash. All info below. $200 tribute: $60 tribute: $20 tribute: $40…
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Once in a while a FinDom Mistess has the opportunity of finding or being found by a very generous benefactor who doesn’t require his wallet raped.  I have had the opportunity of one such generous fun, naughty Manhattan Sugar Daddy and I’d say I fucking liked it!  He found Mistress on NiteFlirt and suddenly and…
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I WANT YOUR MONEY AND YOU WANT ME TO TAKE IT! Rinsing FinDom Subs means taking his wallet or credit card and taking them for a ride!  Many of you simply enjoy the risk and rush of a woman using you and taking your money.  FinDom Rinsing is truly exhilirating!  What type of man would…
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So, what’s a PayPiggy? In Financial Domination a PayPiggy is usually a man who gives a portion of his income to a FinDom Mistress. Preferably Mistress Candace-either daily or weekly, monthy or in one large sum once a month. Send me a Gift! I WANT YOUR MONEY AND YOU WANT ME TO TAKE IT! A…
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